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D/2/27 Leaving Iwo After the Battle

On February 19, 1945, 242 members of D/2/27 landed on Iwo Jima. On 23 March, their mission complete, 101 men, less than half, walked off the island to board the ship for their return to Hawaii; the rest of D Company were either killed or evacuated due to wounds.

As the U.S. convoy was underway and Mt. Suribachi retreated in the background, a picture was taken of the D-Company survivors aboard ship. One D Company survivor, Cpl Giles Weber, penned a poem in the notebook of a fellow Marine buddy, Cpl Ed Mach, entitled “In Memoriam”


“In Memoriam”

By Cpl Giles Weber


Awed and revered we gaze back to Iwo

With profound veneration for those left behind

Buddies we long had the privilege to know

Who gave their lives to help save mankind


Let us all here stop and offer a prayer

We know their death were not in vain

No danger or peril did they beware

Look at the sand, covered with stain


The stain of blood, the white wooden crosses

They never questioned the value of Iwo

Their resting grounds enumerate our losses

The lurid revelation of woe


Process of a yard cost the life of a Marine

His comrades continue to advance

Artillery, machine guns, mortars were seen

The enemy was taking no chance


Defeat was inevitable, victory was near

The Japanese fortress would be seized

From hell’s acre into God’s acre many disappear

Heroically they die, the Almighty was pleased


Blood and sand – Oh! How can we forget

We’ll remember them eternally in prayer

Mt Suribachi – the descending sun silhouettes

With tearful eyes, towards heaven we stare



We work like hell, we fight like hell,

And always come back for more;

The Navy’s advance base engineers

On many a foreign shore.


On half the lousy islands

From here to Timbuctu,

You’ll find a hive of Seabees –

One hell of a fighting crew.


The admiral just dropped around

To chat the other night,

He said, “Now boys, I know you work.

But you also have been trained to fight.”


“So if there’s any trouble, don’t stop

To put on your jeans:

Just drop your tools, grab your guns

And protect those poor Marines.”



We’re the Seabees of the Navy.

We can build and we can fight.

We’ll pave a way to victory,

And guard it day and night.

And we promise that we’ll remember

The seventh of December

We’re the Seabees of the Navy,

Bees of the seven seas!


The Navy wanted men –

That’s when we came in,

Mister Brown and Mister Jones,

The Owens, the Cohens and Flynn,

The Navy wanted more

Of Uncle Sammy’s kin,

So we all joined up,

  And brother, we’re in to win!

Iwo Jima                                                                                          

By Brandon Berry, 2001

Grandson of Wes Plummer H/3/28

An island in the sea

Foreign to you and me

After the Japanese bombed the bay

Iwo Jima was needed by the USA

The Marines landed in 1945

6,000 of our men would not survive

A bloody battle fought with pride

On an island only two miles wide

The Japanese hid by digging caves

Which turned out to be their fiery graves

My Grandpa was one of those Marines

For 36 days he fought in many scenes

We raised a flag that will forever stand

On an island of black sand

Uncommon valor was a common virtue

American freedom will forever be true