Men of 5th MarDiv

“The 5th Marine Division was granted the boon of adequate time for combat training. It was able to train into an efficient battle team at places where every aid to that grim growth of power could be made available. From its earliest days to the hour of its disbandment, I found the 5th to possess and maintain a high standard of military performance and an esprit exceptionally fine.

“And when the 5th Division entered combat, it acted from the first hour like a unit of veterans. It fought that first tough fight with the utmost vigor, courage, and intelligence. Few times in history has a force kept fighting in the face of losses such as our Division suffered on Iwo Jima. The Division followed attack with attack. It continued to assault the heavy resistance of a desperate enemy- until the last small pocket on the island was overcome.”

(Gen. Keller Rockey, Division Commander)