Comm Center

This section of the site is dedicated to the networking between family members of 5th Marine Division Iwo Jima veterans.  The sole purpose is to provide a page constantly available for family members of 5th Marine Division veterans to post public comments relating any recollections their relative may have disclosed from their personal experiences fighting at Iwo Jima.  The goal is to have a continuous flow of stories being shared to honor 5th Marine Division personnel and create as clear an understanding of what they went through as possible.  Even the smallest details add to this.  

Even a single quote from one who survived Iwo is a new glimpse into what they endured.  Sharing these stories insures that the legacy of their sacrifice is carried on into the future.  Do not censor even the most somber or graphic accounts of their conbat experiences…Iwo should be remembered exactly as it was for them…Hell. 

If you are viewing this site and have or had a member of the Division in your family, please share any details regarding their service.  This should include name, exact unit [which Company of which Regiment, or support Battalion, IF it is known], date of death if Killed In Action, etc.


3 thoughts on “Comm Center

  1. My father fought on Iwo for the entire campign.
    Cpl. Benedict J DiRusso
    2nd Battalion D Battery 5th Marines 13 Regiment FMF (Fleet Marine Force)
    Special qualification – 604 Light Machine Gun Crewman


  2. My Dad, Harry L. Carez was 1st Battalion, 28th Marines, B Company 60mm Mortar platoon. Survived the battle without a scratch. Talked about trading his M1 carbine for an M1 rifle first chance he had. Saw two enemy soldiers run behind a large rock. Said they dropped a mortar round right behind the rock and thought they killed those two. Otherwise seldom talked about his time on Iwo.


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